Théo Dufrêne

Théo Dufrêne

I am a Belgian freelance offering graphics and web design services tailored to your business needs.

Qyube - Branding & WebDesign

Qyube is a dynamic startup, specializing in the development of web and mobile applications. They also provide a range of solutions, from SaaS, PaaS, to IaaS.

Invite Tracker - WebDesign

Invite Tracker is a sophisticated Discord bot that specializes in invite management and analytics. It enables server administrators to monitor joins, recognize top inviters, and understand their community’s growth trends.

Bas'art - Academic Project

Bas'art is a vibrant brand focused on colorful and laid-back socks, presenting a diverse range of styles fit for all occasions. Their offerings are a blend of contemporary and unusual designs that effortlessly complement a casual look.

Rivrs - Rebranding

Rivrs is a game server creation company boasting 5 years of industry experience. They have built a broad community by offering a unique and diverse range of games.

Crafted Identities: A Collection of Logo Designs

Welcome to a showcase of crafted identities, where each logo tells its own unique story. Over my five-year journey in graphic design, I have been privileged to create visual symbols that capture the essence of brands and resonate with their target audiences.

SparkHerberg - Branding & WebDesign

SparkHeberg is a reliable hosting service provider with a diverse range of products, including Discord bot hosting, VPS, and website hosting. Their value proposition emphasizes enhanced security and superior performance.

Vynter - Branding

Vynter is a high-performance bot designed for Vinted. It efficiently searches for the best deals and the most affordably priced items, enabling buyers to purchase and then resell these items on the same marketplace at higher prices.

ConvertSafeCard - Branding

ConvertSafeCard is an innovative service that enables users to convert Paysafecard vouchers into PayPal balance, facilitating a seamless transition for online purchases.

iTranslator - WebDesign

iTranslator is an intuitive and efficient translation application specifically designed for Discord. It offers a phenomenal user experience, enabling quick and easy translations.

CodeCrafters - Logo

Code Crafters is a dynamic web development agency founded by a group of friends sharing a deep passion for technology and innovation. Their team excels at delivering custom solutions to meet the distinct needs of their clients.